What is it?

Handmade Cans is a community shop for locals and lovers of all things handmade.

Handmade Cans has a simple philosophy – provide a reasonably priced space for local designers to promote and sell their works; and encourage locals to support them by buying their creations.

Handmade Cans provides access to a consumer ready market without the expense of establishing a retail outlet, or inconvenience of selling at markets or online. The store opens its shelves to all things handmade – art, ceramics, home ware, furniture, clothing, bags, jewellery, toys, stationery, music, books, skin care, preserves – just about anything made with two bare hands.

Handmade Cans is for creative individuals who want to promote and expand their business, and for hobbyists alike who may only have a small amount of stock they wish to dispose of. Handmade Cans gives novices the chance to share space with established designers, and offers all individuals promotional opportunities in print and social media (e.g. Facebook).

Above all, Handmade Cans is about having a good time and sharing the wealth of ideas and creativity on offer in the Far North. This is a real little family, full of amazing people making amazing things.

Where is it?

Online only these days. Just floating in the clouds.