It’s Sunday, you are chilling like a mofo.. and suddenly your brain kicks in!

Small business never ends does it? You are always looking for the next big thing to make a buck.

I do have two free options for you. Support Small Win Big and Small Business Cairns.

#supportsmallwinbig is the campaign of a lifetime! We are committed to working on the local economy by encouraging people to buy local – and support small. Like the page to keep up to date. There will be events, competitions, training and networking. We also have an insty and twitter presence – for sharing and keeping in tough with local media supporters.

Small Business Cairns is YOUR go to! Post about your business. Ask questions .Do locals specials. Find a local brand rep.. Connect. Grow… Find us. Like us. Share your biz!

Now – we are also looking for people to hold training events, networking events, donate prizes for free publicity.. If this sounds like you – pop us an email at 🙂

It takes you to start the trend!

Peace out yo

T xx