So it’s been ages since we’ve caught up! How are you? How’s the fam bam? Bff? What have  I missed?

Things are crazy hectic in my world. Firstly, my apologies if you are waiting on me for anything. That old chestnut about when it rains it pours has happened. I’m flat out and I’m loving it, but it’s not getting shit done. The house is a mess. There is stuff everywhere waiting to go to homes, and it’s been way to hot to touch anything. Then I’m working, the B Man started prep (what a routine changer! That’s a whole other blog post right there.) I’m trying for some exercise to get this weight off, and get my b b bounce back.. and I’m pooped generally! And and and! But this post isn’t about that.supportsmall

This post is about #supportsmallwinbig. This campaign is all about small business, and in this case, in Cairns. I am now more than aware how hard it is to turn a buck in small business, so the two things I can do right now to help out is a) shop small wherever I can, and b) work collaboratively to make Small Business Week the best ever for small biz in our region.

You can like the campaign here (if that doesn’t work try – I have a feeling this will go viral!)

It’s a multi pronged campaign, hitting the street between Gordonvale – I see you Trolley Studio and Creative Spaces by Missmarci – and Palm Cove.

Our first priority is encouraging everyone to support small business and getting people to be conscious consumers.. (Did you know if everyone spent just an additional $10 per week in small businesses that would amount to an additional $23.5 million circulating in our economy each week or over $1.2 billion each year delivering thousands of new jobs?? STOP THE PRESS!) Underpinning this will be networking events, a marketing campaign, training and up-skilling, and workshops.

This is open to anyone to play! Small business – join us early to get in the know. Shoppers – start now. Get your training gear on and find the best small businesses you can. Then tell all your friends, family and strangers you meet in the street. Do it. It’s free and easy!

So far we are thinking a quick and easy ‘spend $50 in store, email the receipt, go in the draw for a huge flashy prize!’. Then there’s the ongoing #supportsmallwinbig random prizes that will happen during the week – which will actually be going between April 21 and May 21. Seriously, rewarded to shop? Shut up and take my cash!

We are pulling together a calendar of events so you all keep in the know. This baby can really boost your business if you are ready to rock and roll and join in the fun. Got an event you want to put on? Let us know and we can help with all sorts of things, including spreading the word.

Like our page, post and #hashtag. We are on insty too – at Supportsmallwinbig! Perhaps even offer special deals to people playing along? Share other business pages so your shoppers know who else is a small biz in town? (Did you know word of mouth is the most powerful tool in business? Get on it!)

Oh! And of course you want steak knives? We have steak knives! We are working on our media partners to a) talk this project up, and b) give you all a little discount incentive to advertise with them! Yes my friends. We even have a graphic designer or two with sweet deals to up your marketing skills, and get your name out there.

And if you are super keen – skill share, hold an event. Or donate a prize! Contact to chat about what you think you can do. There is still room on the organising committee if you have time and the passion. Also we drink wine and chat a lot – so it’s working the right way!

Our shoe string budget campaign is relying on word of mouth and social media. If you like the idea of it, jump on board. Please!

Anyway, lunch break is over. Peace out kids! Talk to you all soon

T x