Sunday morning. In our house that means both the tv and ipad are blaring kids shows, Steve is snoozing, Meisha is singing and I’m thinking.. 


I’m not sure if you’ve heard the news, but you had better sit down and take a deep breath.

Handmade Cans is closing on Christmas Eve. 


If you are heading in shopping, don’t be put off. In fact, get your rush on. Last chance buying! Before the fat man arrives, and handmade goes on holidays. 

 Bask in the amazing handmade. Support the stockists who have gone out of their way to support the Can Dream. Cheer them on!

Buy the pallet gear! The lights! The shop fitout! It’s all for sale! Everything! 

Also, after stupidly heading to Central yesterday to shop, it’s quiet, pleasant and .. not whatever the fuck that was. I didn’t see many smiles – what is the reason for the season? Mass spending with no joy? That’s crap!


You probably have some questions about this. Let me answer them as best I can.

The venue we chose had it’s ups and downs. Mostly, in the last few weeks, downs. The roof leaked a few weeks ago in a relatively small amount of rain, which has not been fixed. While I love an indoor water feature as much as the next person, water pouring through light fittings just doesn’t do it for me. And those clouds bring the wet season home to us. The season I love the best. However, now it brings drama and stress!! Boo!

The air-con’s have been dodgy at best. The ones in the back rooms have never worked. Fucked up our business plan big time, those rooms needed to earn us $$. Also, the parking we moved there for has disappeared with new tenants and the other ones using ours!!

So all up, the venue hasn’t worked and we are pulling the pin before it sinks our little family any further.

Handmade Cans has been a hotbed of amazing. Of dreamers. Of creatives. Every one who has played in the store has added something to the tapestry. Some knots, some colourful corners, some full of laughter, some full of angst. I’ve loved most minutes of it. All have just taught me lessons. Tough lessons. Great lessons. Some have shown me the generous nature of some humans – and how amazing people can be. If you were the angsty one – let me wish you peace, compassion and healing. If you were the joyous one – thank you!!! All were blessings!


‘Where to from here?’ is the next question. I honestly don’t know. I’m exhausted. Weary from the journey. The small business world. Managing all the personalities, expectations, rumours, drama, fun, laughter and dreams. Doing the bookwork – which is always complex and dramatic. Also – In case you missed it – I’m a awesome consumer. Being cash poor has killed my spirit. So I don’t have that answer right now. There too much going inside to be clear on that.

Cairns has seen a surge in handmade/creatives setting up shop, creating new markets, and making the scene buzz. And that makes me think you won’t miss out. And what will come after the Can will be new, different energy, and will take new steps into sharing the love of handmade, bespoke and the smaller businesses that keep people busy and afloat, and your space full of ooak goodies.

We’ll keep up the handmade love online. Siv from Izbits World has dragged the shop through the last few weeks (THANK YOU SIV!) and Kerri from Mrs Jones help admin the pages. They will keep posting and sharing the love.

So this week, all the stockists will pick up their stuff, and I’ll pay them out. For the last time. So many mixed emotions.

Then Boxing Day we will start the pack up. The clean up. I want it done quickly – I need a break with my family, and fuck me, the friends I never see anymore. I used to be out and about all the time! Drinking, dancing, laughing.. oh the old me – I miss you! I need a holiday badly. An online detox. A breather. A life reset. Some fun! Some laughter. Some emotional freedom. If you’ve ever owned a small biz, you know what I’m talking about. It’s all consuming. 

You are welcome to come and help! I’ll post on the insty/facey when we are heading in. Also, come and drink some wine when it’s done on the floor. Remembering the dreams, the hopes, the wins, the best bits. Reflecting, then dribbling on in a drunken way!!!! No photo’s at this event 😉


And I can release, and rest. Recover. Regroup. Be grateful for every bit of the puzzle.


Let’s recap some of the wins:

  • Creative Crawls x 3
  • Workshops – skill sharing handmade x a billion!
  • Fashion parades
  • Training for stockists in small business skills
  • Stockists getting exhibition spots
  • The 2015 FNQ Handmade Industry Awards
  • Media, media and more media!
  • Social media BOOM TIME!
  • Finding creative talents
  • Winning an Urban Spaces CRC Spot
  • Not going bankrupt in small business
  • 3 day coffee shop set up
  • Coffee shop set up – pallet style YO!
  • tbc designs – best jeans bags ever
  • Steve set up

There must be more..  but I need bacon. And coffee. Yes, this post was before coffee. With a teeny bit of wine flu. And a lot of emotions. A few tears, a few feelings of immense stress. Some laughter. Some cheer. Some wondering about the what if’s.

From our family to yours, thank you for supporting our dream. For popping in, liking our posts. Sharing your ideas. Thank you for cheering. And if you weren’t a huge fan – haters fuel the fire- thank you anyway! It’s been a great 18 months. 



Anyone with stuff at our house/in storage/left in the shop, I’ll use some of the few days off I have to go through it all, label it, and then put it in our carport. Please feel the angst I have about this. I’ll be doing a cleanse of our house once we are all packed up in the shop – we have a house full of stock people have left with us and not picked up. Some is my fault – working 6 days a week, with a huge family, hasn’t left me wanting to spend my few spare minutes dropping off, or sorting, it all out. Call me selfish, but I wanted to see my family, smell my kidlets, laugh a bit, and not be all about stock/the shop every fucking day. Some is just human nature. However, the free storage is over. I need my house back. So I’ll be emailing, then donating.

New year, fresh house, new dreams, new plans, new directions. 

Peace out – love to you and yours!

T xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx