So, we got to thinking after Friday night. Where to from here?

Well, we think it’s time to get real yo.


It’s time to take things to the next level. Second base.

So Rob Pyne,MP for Cairns, floated the idea of an industry association. And I thought, why the hell not!

With the handmade industry growing, getting more coverage, getting more skilled, we think it’s time to step it up. To work together. To use the power of many.

So let’s do this. Let’s create a FNQ Handmade Industry Association. 

A few advantages I can think of straight up –

Funding – for training, for industry development, for advertising.

Professional support – to drive our industry to be the best of the best. To implement best practice, to pop some guidelines in to support handmakers and handmake supporters.

Insurance – to lobby for a cheaper insurance rate for members.

Legitimacy – gone are the days when handmade was shabby.  It’s an economy now. A professional group of small/medium business people. Your business needs recognition. Your skills need recognition.

Events – to support each other around events, and work together to secure long term funding support for these.

Philanthropic support – to help keep handmade skilled, and the traditions for traditional arts alive. Everything old is new again!

You prolly have more. Join us and talk about it! 

Longdog Creations is coming on board to work the administrative side of this. We are going for the whole of FNQ – to mirror the footprint of the awards night.

You are welcome to join the working party. In fact – please do.

Meetings will be via skype so we can cover the distance. Participation will vary in time commitments – discussions will be fabulous! Let’s grow together.

HOWEVER if you plan to come in and be a knocker – don’t bother. This group is about building the movement – not destroying it. (So sad I have to say this – but after the behaviour of some in the last few days, I’m drawing a line in the sand and working where the energy is. You wanna be a hater – go hate elsewhere!!)

Find the starter group here – I just started it so it’s fresh!

Let’s do this. Let’s work together and build a legacy!