So, in case you’ve missed it, I’ve had a little wee stack the last few weeks. I’ve dropped the ball a bit. I’ve lacked passion. I’ve lost focus.

Luckily, I am able to lean a little. Joe Hockey – fuck you – leaning is ok sometimes! Also – dodgy last speech. I so thought you’d be a good leader too. Not my leader of choice. That’s prolly Penny or Tanya. But a good enough right wing offering. Too bad the power broke you.

I digress. It seems I have fallen on my feet. My tribe has spoken. They booted me out of the shop and into the wilderness. To regroup and gather myself. To focus and refocus. And I’m ever so grateful.

The truth is, we can’t do it all. Not all the time anyways. And sometimes it’s all too much. And you just need to breath.

So I’ve breathed. I’ve turned 41. I’ve drunk cheap cocktails in the pool (seriously $7.60 vodka slushies thanks to the QT discount club thing). I’ve walked. I’ve beached. I’ve sunbaked (sorry to the people who saw….) We’ve laughed.

Now, I’m not through it all yet. I’m at the cranky stage. I’ve been a yelly cow the last two days. Bitch hell. I’ve moved every piece of furniture I could.. and mopped, scrubbed, reorganised. I’m not happy with the house yet. Or is that just a metaphor?

But then….

Something awesome just happened. Your Fitness has invited me in to train with them. Quite frankly, if you’ve known me for a while, you know there is no other gym for me than Your Fitness. I’ve tried them all. But I always come home to the lovely atmosphere, lovely change room, and great atmosphere at YF. I’m back there.. tomorrow for RPM. Watch this space. I’ve got some shocking before pics taken when my bro popped in the other day. Gross central. I’m keen for you to join me – I need to be accountable. Also, you can come sweat with me. If you are keen – let me know. I’ll see you there!

And I’m feeling loved. Very loved.

And now, I have a bed to make and the green arrow to walk.. We tried yesterday but neither little one was keen. Even to get carried up there. WTF. Kids!

Take this post as a thank you. And as an offer. If you need to lean, I’m here. The Can Fam are here. This is more than a business. It’s a journey. An exploration. And it’s beautiful.

T x