Bones and Jones is at 47 Shields Street – 157 steps from Cairns Central. I counted.

We stock amazing handmade stock. Created by amazing people.

They are small business. They live in our community. You might know them!

We have great coffee! And cakes. And pies. All locally sourced!

We can host workshops/launches/staff meetings/stitch and bitches.

We hold events and workshops – check them out here.

We do great beauty (by Siv) on Monday and Friday by appointment.

Polly reads tarot in store on Friday. She is sweet, soft, and accurate. 

We offer small business support – though meetings, workshops and marketing assistance.

We are a great place to brainstorm – particularly if find a Can Fam in the house – they are full of good ideas. Don’t be strangers. 

We have a website http://bonesandjones.weebly.com/

We have a blog https://handmadecans.wordpress.com/

We are on facey at bonesnjones and handmadecans 

We are on insty too!!!

We are a small business, supporting small business. 

We only exist when you visit us. Your support means everything to us. 

Please think of us for gifts, festive season pressies, end of year teacher prizes.

From this week – Mrs Jones/Dapper Jones Kerri will be in on Wednesday – from 9 to 3, and Izbits World Siv in on Friday. Stevo works the machines on Saturday. He’s known to be the best barista in Cans 😉