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My market tips

So I’ve been doing markets on and off since highschool. I also love going to markets and seeing what everyone is selling. I thought it has been long enough that I could probably do a blog on my tip and tricks to market success from both sides.

I’m not saying I’m the guru of markets but this is my observation of things that can work.

As a market shopper, I hate when a stall looks too cluttered. Huge looming racks of 1000s of clothes squished into a small space scares me. I want to see what I’m buying and if there is too much then I dont go in. I will walk away and find someone else with a brighter less looming stall. I am in no way saying you can’t take a billion items of clothing. Just buy a bigger stall. Or rotate your stock. Dont take summer stock if the weather is still too cold. Have a few items then anyone interested can be pointed to your facebook or website. I have a bunch of shorts from last year that I havent taken as it has been colder. I also have a bunch of long sleeved things its probably a little too warm for.


Stock rotation is also a great one. I dont expect the same stuff every time I walk into a mass produced store, I expect it even less in handmade. You are in charge of your stock, You know what is selling, whats a hit, whats a miss. You can cater your brand towards that. You should see as the seasons change your stock will move differently. This I find doubly important for stocking markets. If I go to a stall a few times and they have exactly the same stuff I stop going to look. If there is one or two dresses new amongst all the old stuff, I dont go to check. I dont really notice. I like when there is something amazing and new out the front and obvious.

Dont sit/play on the phone/read a book. If I walk up to a stall I want to be able to see the stall person, talk to them, know them and buy from THEM. I want my money going to someone who is freakin excited about being there and what they make. I want to make friends with the person (in that clubbing toilet friend way. when you help each other and are best friends for the 15 mins you are both cuing for the toilet.) I see too many people hiding amongst their wares or they start to get disinterested and then as a shopper I get disinterested.

BE YOUR BRAND. if you make clothes, wear them. headbands? wear them. jewelery? load your body! if your product isnt good enough for you it isnt good enough for me.

Dont follow trends. There is a fine line you need to tred. You can do things that are “on trend” at the moment its floral and vintage. I dont really do either, it isnt my style. I pull out a few things now and then but mostly stick to my style. I dont want to build a following that I dont want. Im not going to make lots of floral or pleated/puckered things so I dont want customers who are into that. I want my customer base to be into the same things I am. I follow businesses that are catering to what *I* want. If every handcrafter makes the same floral things I will be sad and my children naked.


Think like a shop. Set up your stall like a shop. Know your tastes/brand/style and work with it. Dont fight it to be “cool” embrace whatever makes you YOU and your work unique. Even if the person visiting is another market stallholder be bright, bubbly, say you are having an amazing day. Didnt do many sales? thats a shame. what else went awesome? For me I focus on the fact I’m out of the house and dont have my kids. I love them both but I must admit it makes for an amazing day when I can sit and eat breakfast on my own without anyone else poking me in the eye or spitting half chewed weetbox into my hand. before the market starts my day is made and i treasure my monthly quiet meal. Financial ups/downs aside. A bacon and egg roll is pretty much good enough reason for me to do markets.


makeup! you dont need to look like a model. we all know markets are crazy early starts. I also know advertsing photoshops everything and now I know male undie models have a slice of bread down their pants to add bulk and hide what they obviously have in their pants. None of these actual facts make me  believe the lies any less. that girl modeling the shoes and bag is really that thin and pretty. that undie guy really has a package that bulky and you do really look that refreshed and excited to sell me things.

I’m sure I can think of other things but now I need to go and have handfulls of chewed up breakfast given to me. (see how little things can be a days high light)