So, if you’ve been in the last two days you’ve prolly discussed this thought bubble with me.

If not, here we go!

Let’s talk congruence. Please. For the love of handmade! Let’s talk branding, congruence, marketing and how this all pieces together.

This weekend gone we had markets everywhere! Beaches, halls, parks. And handmakers were out in force! Working hard. Busting their fine asses. Setting up. Sweating. Swearing. Trying to sell their asses off to make a pretty penny to feed their ‘just one last metre of this special fabric/earring/thing’ addiction.

How did you go if you were out there?

What were you thinking when you were walking around the markets?

Joey from Sweet Florence is happy to talk about merchandising your stalls. Presentation is everything. Getting your quality and stock right is vital. It.does.not.stop.there.

Now. Sit down. Buckle up kids.

When people view your stall – what do they see? Your stock. Yep. Your set up. Yep. YOU! Yep.

Are you greeting people? Are you shining? Are you off your phone? Are you looking engaging? Are you making chit chat?

Some of you are. Breathe out. You rock.

Some of you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. I’m dancing here. So let me be blunt. It’s time to step up and work YOU and your presence at your stall. People are buying off YOU! They are buying your brand. Paying your handmade price.

Think about how you look – how you act – what messages you are sending. Got a funky brand name -perhaps you need to be looking a little funky behind your stall. Now don’t say you can’t! I know you can all work a decent contra deal. Get your handmade outfits happening. Get your stage face on. Work it. Sell your whole brand.  Wear your brand.

If that’s not your thing – perhaps it’s time to take stock, and figure out a way to do the market thing. I know you get heartbroken when you don’t sell much. Seriously! I’m in a fab shop wondering what the go is. However – I am working on every different part I can to sort this shit out.

I’m posting this now, then I’ll chuck the Izbits World one up too.

You can do this. You’ve got this. Let’s switch a few things up into the festive sesason!

Peace out


ps don’t shoot the messenger!