So, I’m deep in ‘what the fuck’ mode. 3 months left in the year. A business in start up mode. An impatient, sick of being poor, state of mind.

What to do?

Well – firstly I’m going to leverage on our powerful social media presence to pump local biz for the silly season. Teachers gifts, kids gifts, end of year parties, you name it. We can keep it local and keep the little guys in business a little longer. While I LOVE Kmart – let’s be honest – there is something super special about buying something unique, handmade, and quality. Get your info to me quickly – we have avenues to promote you and we aren’t afraid to use them.

Secondly – I’m letting go the reigns a little in the store. I have a couple of my creative geniuses interested in learning the coffee machine and getting their brand on in the store so I can go do other things. And breathe. If you are creative and want a turn on the machine, and pumping the handmade cans wares – let’s chat. If you are wondering if this works – ask Izbits World. The more she was in store, the more she sold. Cha ching! More on this soon.

Thirdly, I’m celebrating my lucky life! I’m healthy, chubby LOL, happy and have a brood of amazing kidlets. I also have this husband who totally rocks. We are poor, but we are ok.

The shop is tentatively on the market. It’s ready to rock and roll. I think there needs to be two or three of you to buy it. And it’s cheap – because it’s new and all the stock belongs to the creatives! Let’s chat if you might be interested.

Here’s my wishlist

  1. I need a part time job – paying well – that gives me some income to prop our budget up and get my brain working. It could be in the community sector, marketing or retail. Hit me!
  2. I need a good au pair – off to Gumtree!
  3. I need a good birthday dinner – 23rd 😉
  4. I need you all to join in and support the shop, the creatives, and the bigger picture plan.
  5. I need to relax. breath. Stop the stress fest.

There. It’s said.

Now, I’m going to mop up the bathroom from the overflowing bath. The price I’m paying for three minutes of brain bubble blogging!!!!!!

Peace out

T x