Good morning nominees and handmade supporters!  We have some exciting news regarding the awards.

To be honest, ticket sales have been slow within the handmade community itself. We have great sponsor and general public support, however the businesses themselves have been a bit slow committing to purchasing tickets.
We set the price at $100 each because we really wanted to make the evening a grand occasion –  really show value in what we do as handmade creatives, and wanted to project that to the community through showcasing product and the people.  Although we have only had a few people question the price, we wondered that if this is the reason why people aren’t jumping on board.
So we have made some changes to the evening.  We have reduced the price to $60 per ticket!!!!  For us to be able to do this however, we have moved the venue downstairs. Bar8 is a lovely lounge set bar at the bottom of hotel that is set on the water and really beautiful.  It is right next to the lobby which is perfect for us, especially at night!
The downside is that we will no longer be showcasing product – no fashion parade, no showcase tables – there just isn’t room.  We still have our drinks and canapés package, and some wonderful local musical talent!  Oasis magazine and local photographers will be there to cover the evening, so dress to impress!  We will still have the media wall to showcase our sponsors, and everyone will be photographed on arrival.
Now for you guys who have already purchased your tickets, we have different options that you can consider.  We can either refund the difference, or you can add an extra person for $20, or you may even want to purchase something from your business with the extra $40 and donate it as a prize, (this makes you a sponsor of the event.) The choice is yours!  Please let us know in an email as soon as you can.
Now as for the local advertising, Sweet Florence Blog would love to showcase you all over November and December as a gift for giving us your support so early on during these awards.  As we don’t have the room for the showcase tables, we would really love to feature your business through our social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  We are committed to help building your following, so more of you are discovered as amazing North Queensland handmade creatives.
Oasis magazine will still be showcasing the category winners in their next magazine issue, so please ensure we are all supporting their social media pages as a thank you for covering the event.  It’s what these awards are all about…..  Live and love local.
And on a personal note, we just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you and your business for your support for the evening.  We are really excited about this event, and look forward to getting to know one another and offer support for one another’s businesses.  We do want to build this industry, and we can’t do it unless we do it together.  So thank you, and we can’t wait to share the night with you.
If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  These are your awards and we sincerely want everyone to be happy!  We will do our very best to do what we can to ensure the success of the night.
Joey and Tanya
Thank you kindly,

Joey Pollington-Stepp
Sweet Florence The Australian Handmade Blog