It’s time to talk the big fella in red. He’s due in 90 days.


Holy crap I hear you say!! Yes. 90.

This is how I look about this 


If you want to join us for the Christmas Crazy – here’s a deal for you.


Can membership is $25 – you can pop in for $5 a day – for anywhere between 3 and 14 days. 30% commission.

Can membership gets you – mentions on our extensive social media sites, yummy coffee, professional development for your branding – support from our in house merchandiser and lots of love. 

To get the most out of this – you need to do a launch party – inviting all your friends and fans. Then social media it all up. We will provide the awesome space, bubbles, fabulous service, and dump the cash into your account when you are all done!

Shoot us photo’s and info to our facey page (the other admin check your stock too) and if you are in, we will sort dates and stock lines with you.

Let’s make this Christmas a handmade one for everyone!

T x