Moving on.

Business plan. Marketing plan. Business Profile. Personal Profile. Are you getting enough jargon yet?

First off – where should you be online?

Well – what’s your business type? For handmade – insty is a must. Then facebook. Twitter and Google + are optional – Pinterest is a fab option. I’ve not played enough with Pinterest to be wise. I can help out with the others

Why do a marketing plan?

Well, my lovely, why the hell not? You can plug away for ages making no dint. It’s like doing the red arrow, then eating cake. Now that shit does happen, to some people, like a friend of mine, but what was the point?

So enough huffing and puffing.

Who are you selling to? Why are they buying it? How do they want to buy it? How much will they pay?

Write it down. Check your facebook page stats. Check your blog stats. Check your insty posts. What gets the love? When?

Then sit down and schedule. Link your posting to events (Christmas, Easter, Wineoclock). Make a plan. What items do you have too much of? Better check the price and get them online with some hype! Set up a diary to remind you. Don’t let a day go past where you’ve missed posting about your gorgeous biz. Tell the word! Share other businesses!

For most businesses – sometime after bedtime, when the wine has kicked in, is a good time to post. Think about that. Where you then? Can you make that happen?

If you can’t, don’t sweat the small stuff. Get an app to do it for you. Plan and post. Then sit back, and relax.

Outline your business goals. Then work a plan to make it happen. Simple goals. You aren’t a multi=-tiered crazy town company. You are small creative business. Be that. Love that. Embrace that. Sell that.

You are sustainable. You are about relationships and connection. You are about making items with love. That stuff is priceless. No more – I make handmade – looking all shy. You are small creative business, kicking ass in a movement that is taking names, and changing towns and economies.

I’m just taking on a new client, so while I’m pulling their plan together I’ll keep a little post log happening. Right now I’m scribbling like mad, cooking dinner, thinking of red wine, and trying to find the clarity to make their business boom.

Just before I sign off – I’m sure the kidlets will be here soon – it’s really late and I miss them like mad. Have you done a SWOT analysis of your business. Drink your wine, and do it. Kick some goals. Be brutally honest. Need help with the OT part – let’s chat. It’s easy to brainstorm with someone else.

Jiggidy jig

T x

ps I’m not YET sponsored by a wine company – I’d like to be *hint hint*. You can drink water/juice/tea/coconutwater – or anything else. I just like wine for thinking juice. Red if I’m serious, white for fun thinking. True story.