So, you have a sweet little product range going. You’ve taken my (very wise) advice, and worked your range down to things you are good at, sell, and give you an edge.

Now – how do you get it out there?

Google ‘marketing’ and everyone has an opinion. here are some of mine!

  • Pick your business name carefully. For Bones and Jones I wanted a name that would say #cafe #hipster #cute and that I could use sugar skulls for… Yep. Perhaps do as I say not as I do!!
  • Make your product awesome. Test it. Get honest people to test it. Take their feedback.
  • Get good photo’s. MicroArt in Cairns will do shoots in smaller time sections – so chat let’s chat about getting you a slot for photo’s to get taken in store for your range.
  • Get all over social media with those pics. Use instagram. Talk about your lines.
  • Tell your brand story. People want to connect with you. They want snippes of your creative life. They want to see you sweat and swear! And be you.
  • Get a few brand reps. Get them working your products.
  • Use comp’s carefully. Don’t overdo it.
  • Think about value adding.
  • Find people to work with!
  • If you decide to do markets – pick them carefully. Make sure your product lines will sell to the customers that head along. Make sales easy!
  • Think about your packaging.
  • Share other people’s work on you page – ask them to share yours.

The best advice. Have fun! You are doing this for your own reasons – be that about your lifestyle, your little people, to feed your creative drive, and/or all of the above plus more! Sparkle! Shine! Be you!

Now, I’m off to do some of these for the store!

I have heaps more tips to come. I’m breaking it down 80’s style so you don’t feel overwhelmed!

Also – I’m happy to work with you. I’ve restarted my Javalicious Marketing biz in the last few days. Time to get my ass in gear!

Peace out kids

T x