Another day, another thought bubble.

I’m wondering, do people know what you sell? How you pull it together? What your motivation for doing your biz is? What makes you tick – and laugh – and snort – and whether you drink wine or jog the arrow – or what you do to get your creative juices going?

I ask because people are still surprised to find out we’ve moved! It’s been months since we packed up at The Flying Monkey Cafe. I’ve blogged, done media, posted, shown pics of the new space, and still people have missed the news. Interesting – and food for thought.

If you’ve missed it. We have moved! We are now at 47 Shields Street. Central end. FREE offstreet parking. More space. Our own coffee service. Some sneaky sweet snacks. Meeting space. Workshop space. Free book exchange. Beauty on Monday and Friday. Small biz workshop on Wed pm. Marilyn Manson and Barista Stevo on Saturday. It’s super fantastic.

So, back to the question. Do people know what you do? Have you shared your work with your family and friends? Is your facey/insty feed clear on your products? I’ve been peering through pages, and surprisingly there are some businesses I know make amazing stuff, but their pages are full of jokes, memes and other biz info. Nothing on theirs! How am I supposed to fall in love and buy their stuff if I can’t find it?

So – check your feed. Have a real look. Does it tell a story of your business? Is it talking to people about your products? Have you got photo’s of people in your gear? Using your gear?

Be shameless people! Seek feedback! Share photo’s! Ask people to tell everyone about you! Post, post, post. You can see how many people see your posts on facey. Re-post – you don’t want people missing your amazing things.

On that note – if you’ve been in – feel free to share our page – our info – and how great our coffee is with your networks! If you haven’t – get yo ass in! Quick sticks! Small business only survives with support and patronage – and I want our gorgeous biz to stay open in the long term! We’ve got a handmade movement to concrete into the Cairns culture people – help us to help you!

Ok, now I really have to go work on this plan! I’m super excited about this one.

If these posts are overwhelming you – DO NOT PANIC! I will set up some workshop time – if you can make Wednesday’s after 2, get here!  We are quiet then and we have a project to roll out – to support stores in Cairns – and then moving on to our online friends. If noone turns up, I bail and stomp around the red arrow. So on the offchance you are running late, pack your sneakers! Clearly we don’t talk on the way up LOL!

Peace out

T x