Are you watching Bespoke? It’s kicking my brain into play time. I’m loving the challenges. I’m loving the movement.

Handmade Cans is a little hub of creativity. I’m super proud to be driving a mini economy – supporting and empowering people who make things. People who create things.

Cairns is, like many other regions, alive with handmade, creative people, working behind the scenes to keep our world sustainable, our love for vibrant, interesting things alive.

We at Handmade Cans have a narrow scope – as has been pointed out recently – and I’m ok with that! We have our culture. We are alive, living and breathing things that are handmade for your home, and your people – be they big or little. In that ‘narrow’ scope, we feel super excited about all the items that can fall under that! Pop in the shop any old day, and you will always find new lines, new things, new dreams, new amazing handmade items on the shelves.

We are a sharing world and I totally believe in rising as a whole community. We share connections, ideas, plans, patterns, materials, sources – the list goes on.

Our handmade world is buffering itself at the moment. I’m not sure if I’m playing a part in that? I don’t want to seem ego driven in that comment, I’m just aware there is a lot of conflict out there, and it’s making some of us miss the point of being a ‘underground’ market.

If it’s me – let me offer this as a peace offering – I’m working on finding our niche and market. I’m working on celebrating ALL of you and Joey is working her ass off to get the FNQ Handmade Industry Awards happening. I’m working on streamlining our processes, and sharing tips and hints as I find them, as I discover them, and as I learn. We don’t have to be besites, but we can maintain our professionalism. By playing into the negative, we miss the amazing positives. So – here’s my olive branch. Let’s get back to working on celebrating our handmade world.

One HUGE thing I’m listening and hearing is how sustainable this handmade movement is. We have this. You will move on before this world losing relevance.

Cairns – we need to share our skills with each other. Photographers – contact makers and offer them good prices to photograph their gear. Creatives – get good brand reps. Play with your competition – get them making one piece while you make another. Take other people’s stuff to markets. Get your stuff in our store. Pay your rent – play with the pro’s – learn, grow, build your brand. Share local brands on your page. Talk the talk, walk the walk.

I’m in store Monday to Friday to bounce ideas off. 🙂 Happy to help!

Peace out

T x