Good morning

So, recently I was asked why there was a move to make the FNQ Handmade Industry Awards happen in our region. I pondered for a while, because there were so many reasons I came up with the idea, and Joey from Sweet Florence agreed to organise it for the region.

Now, I got 99 thoughts – here’s some!

  1. Handmade is fantastic. It’s creative. It lasts. It’s unique.
  2. Handmade supports local creative business.
  3. Handmade reuses things – we don’t have finite resources in our world – it’s time to reuse creatively.
  4. Handmade makers make me laugh – smile – and be envious of their endless talents.
  5. Handmade rarely gets celebrated. My goddess gf Mel Anie recently posted a pic of a handmade handbag she has just gotten as a gift in Sydney – and she was gushing about how unique it was, the colour, and of course that it was handmade. It made my heart sing.
  6. Handmade Cans is an awesome space – full of amazing goodies. Why not celebrate that
  7. Markets full of handmade are always full of makers looking proud while customers gush over their amazing stalls.
  8. Handmade means you look amazing – as the maker can make things just for you!
  9. Handmade is creative! It connects the soul, the brain, and people.
  10. Hand makers are sometimes underground. They are scared to show their goodies off in case they fail. It’s crazy exciting to find a new maker with skills just busting to be in the limelight! Share your glory makers! Be proud!
  11. Supporting a handmaker – supports a mini economy. It keeps people doing what they love. While you win an awesome item!
  12. Handmade items have this energy in them. They are living. They are full of love, of passion, of dreams. Amazing.
  13. Handmade takes us back to the days where you still wrote letters and diaries. Where things took time to come together. And the steps matters.
  14. Celebrating means wine and flashy dresses.
  15. Celebrating handmade will recognise this industry that really needs acknowledgement.
  16. When you buy handmade you can have a relationship with the maker! This fangirl stuff often turns into amazing friendships. Which is just beautiful.
  17. Finding new handmade items means you are cooler than your friends! Who found Mama Bare first in your friends? Did you introduce everyone else? Did you totally rock the fashion forward role? You did. I know. Buzz on shiny people!
  18. Giving a gift of handmade shows you really care and put thought into it. Every piece made with love and then you chose it with love. Get out glory!

Want to keep going for me?

The Awards Night is about recognising an industry in the region that contributes to our community culture. That fuels dreams. That provides amazing items. That fills your weekend with colour. And to show we care about all the long nights experiments ,the tears, the laughter and the creation!

That’s just a start for why it’s all happening.

Grab your ticket, get your handmade on. Let’s celebrate!

T x