Well kids, we’ve launched! Last week was massive! People, fun, workshops, markets, Creative Crawls! Sickness.. and drama!

Home and Away, step aside! This block has the lot, and we aren’t afraid to go over the top 😉


This is a grateful post. A thank you post. This shop is full of so much good will. Kind people. Caring people. Lovely people. It’s a place for the people wanting to make things happen. It’s a place to rest, to think, and to just be. And it’s where ideas explode!

Our stockists are totally the best. As you all know, Handmade Cans has been blessed with the role of supporting local creative folks with a retail space to sell their wares. Right now we have the best bunch in the house, but let’s not forget those who have been in here before, and those who are yet to place stock on our pallet shelving. We are evolving, growing, exploring, testing and moving to meet our gorgeous buyers needs. I’ll linky  our current in house arts on facebook and insty over the week. You need to love them. To adore them. To support their dreams.

bjskulls (1)

Bones and Jones is our coffee space. Full of coffee smells, yummy food, cakes, mason jar salads, cold drinks and groovy tunes. And sometimes Marilyn Manson.. and now Paul and John on some Saturday mornings! Hooray! Sharing the load with funky folk!


And now – to sit and feel blessed. Then get working on the next list of things to do. But I’m not in a rush. I’m surrendering to grateful.

Peace out

T x