Ok. We are in month 3. Time to get serious.


This Friday we launch the business in the new site. You need to be here. This will only work if we all work together! 

Things to achieve this month – 

I need more foot traffic. More sales. More hype.

Canners – spread the word. Post! Post! Post! 

If you know someone with a commercial kitchen willing to do a few hours a week for our cafe – please let me know. Our food needs fixing – FAST!


Signage finish the signage off for our street frontage. The outdoor setting is all in place – thanks to Steve from Lights and Things and Kirby from Ransom Roasters.

Loyalty Card – these need to be distributed around local businesses. If you are able to help with this please yell! Happy to shout you a coffee for your hard work!

Small business workshops – Wed afternoon – kick our project off – create a list of people willing to work together. 2pm – see you here.

Guerilla marketing – I’ve had another idea shared with me by Kate from Power of the Pallets – if you are a small local business with a social media presenece wanting to play – shoot me a message on handmadecans@gmail.com. No cost. Just love.

Innovating We need to find our niche – a reason for people to get here. Our coffee (from Ransom Roasters) is fab. My milk work is getting consistent. I’m getting positive feedback.

Workshops – I want a workshop every Saturday – and several during the week. Contact me. $5 a person – $10 with coffee and cake. We can handle the bookings and help with the advertising. Don’t miss this.

Space – I also want the back room rented out permanently – $800 a month (or $50 a day) – with free wifi and parking. Great coffee deals. Perfect for massage therapist, beauty service, small start up business. Someone with business vision please! And a love of handmade and good coffee.

I think there is more – but I’m going to go brainstorm these crackers now.

Also – if you want to join us tomorrow night at 6pm at the Red Beret Cafe – we are going to brainstorm around how to make this little biz boom – and how to make the creatives working with us go gangbusters too!

Peace out