Happy Friyay to you! How’s your week been?

I have to be honest – I’ve had a tough business week. A few doubts, a few worries, a few bills. I guess this is the ‘lows’ they talk about in the business world – or life in general hey?


Anyhoo, this week wasn’t all tough. My sister is here. I’m back on the Arrow. Dear Pearl Vintage has said they will dress me for the FNQ Handmade Industry Awards. Polly has started reading in the shop on Friday from 10 to 2 for just $20. Siv is doing beauty in the back room on Mondays and Friday’s by appointment. My eyerbows have never been so good! My coffee making is getting better! The kids are gorgeous – all of them – and Jessy turns 20 tomorrow. There is a crochet workshop tomorrow which will be full of giggles. The radio on Friday is full of rnb. The handmade crew around me is super amazing. Lucy shaved her head for her sister. That kind of beauty is totally unbelievable and selfless. Also she rocks short hair. Proves beauty is inside as well as out. The list goes on. And on.. Ok it wasn’t such a bad week… 


Now – the post topic.. 

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m using Wednesday afternoons from 2 to 4 to talk about small business in store. Join us, chat about your business. Drink coffee (if I remember to offer it to you!!) Your plans. Your woes. Share the load! Small business is lonely. We can work together.


This week’s group has a plan – something to work on – something to create some visibility for small creative biz’s in the region. Want to know more? Join us! Can’t make it – suggest a time you could and let’s work together.

Don’t miss the next few exciting days! Tonight is the Power of the Pallet Auction – and we are escaping the house WITHOUT the kids (thanks Sister) to see it all happen. SQUEE!

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Next week – Siv is in Monday and Friday for beauty. Polly is in Friday for tarot. We launch officially on Friday – and there will be a twilight market. Please join us! Creative Crawl is through later in the evening. There will be face painting! Kids! Laughter! Handmade!


Then Saturday at 2pm Debra from The Posy Crew is putting on a flower crown workshop. Sign.me.up. Shut up and take my cash! I always thought I needed a crown,….  Didn’t you? (disclaimer – I totes found this pic (not of me) on google – your crown will be better than this one!)


If you have an idea for this little business world of mine – please share! Even better, help me implement it, so we learn together.



T x