So, how’s your small business marketing going? It gets a bit tough doing the small business thing, then the back of house, then talking it up to generate the business you need to keep going.


I hear you!

There are some days my head is literally spinning trying to keep all the balls in the air. And, just to put this in context, I’m not here to lecture you. I’m learning on the go how this all works.

You probably realise we’ve taken the leap recently, into a bigger shop with more over heads, with running a coffee shop, with cutting our suppliers down, and opening way longer hours. It’s totally scary. And totally worth it.


I think the day to day running is almost not overwhelming me anymore. I’m feeling the urge to step back a little and think on what we are doing, what we want from this business, and what we want you to think about it.

Now – the great thing here is – you can control your messages to the world! It’s all in your messaging, Your conversations. The experiences you provide. How you do business. I’m trying to manage this – I have very little filter, and my previous work background means I feel the urge to share, and talk, and explore. This approach doesn’t necessarily work in business! So I’m working on that. Don’t despair though – we can totally bitch in store about stuff 😉


Small business is tough. We are going through a bit of period of transition about stockists, and it’s not all been pleasant. I think I’ve hit the ‘had enough’ point, and I’m getting tougher. If I’m not serious about this business, who will be? I’m constantly reminded of this


saying. Now, this is no way a ‘get out of jail free’ stance on life. You have to own your business practices, your reputation and your behaviour. However, you can’t own other people’s. And that’s ok.


I’m firmly a believer in running your own race. In fact, I encourage your race! I embrace it! I embrace mine! I believe we can all work together. Crazy but true.

This week I’m working on getting our name out there a bit further. We are slowly growing, and it’s lovely seeing all our current Can family popping in, and meeting our new members.

Not everyone has found us yet, and our furniture is not all built, and the inside still has work to do.. .and .. and! And it’s exciting. And tiring. And overwhelming. And fabulous. Our signage needs work – but I’m not sure exactly what to do with it so I’m not rushing. Time will tell.

I’ve put some thought into it – and this is what I want our edge to be. I want our place to be a hub. A funky space. With handmade awesome. Yummy coffee, Cakes. Workshops. Events. Art. Laughter. A training space. A learning space. A sharing space. A home away from home.

So my next step is to build it so they will come! The space is awesome.

Now, there is so much more than that in marketing your small business. There is keeping ‘on trend’, keeping your stock levels up, your social media presence effective (think relationships – BFF’s with your audience), accounts, tax, booking markets, doing markets.. so so much. What’s your bugbear this week?

I’ve set aside some time in the store every Wednesday afternoon for us to catch up, chat small business, marketing, share the road, and share ideas. I hope you can make it sometime – 2pm to 4pm. The wifi is on – so you can surf and do stuff while we chat. There’s never as good a time as now!

In the meantime, I’m taking a step back. I’m sorting some ‘me’ time out so I can reflect on what exactly is happening here, and what we are making happen. All of us. Together.

We do have space in store for more stockists. Let’s chat if you have something amazing to offer. And if you want to do some pleasant, fun business!

To the rest of you – peace out! Thanks for reading this x

T x