Well, I don’t really. I’m living the dream at the moment. Awesome shop. Awesome stockists. Awesome customers. Awesome coffee. Sunday is full of catch up cleaning, laundry.. and yesterday, a delicious lunch with wine at Trinity Beach Tav. First time there – I’d go back!

So much is happening, I thought I’d just quickly update you –

The Power of the Pallets Auction is Aug 28 – in the evening. Our entry is in store now, for you to sneak peek at. Pop in – get your cheque books ready – all proceeds to the FNQ Hospital Foundation.

We have a Shop for your Jewels night coming up – just in time for the FNQ Handmade Industry Awards. Tickets are just $100 – for hours of food, drinks (wine, beer, spirits) and displays, demo’s, fashion parades, and of course, the awards.

The Bones and Jones website has an online shop facility, and we are hoping to grow the online directory – so people can find your little biz and get your goodies. Just $5 to get on there – shoot through pics, and your deets and let’s get cracking.

We had National Science Week activities here Saturday. Celia is a teeny pocket rocket, and by accounts it was a hit! Way to go to the kids that played – Steve was super impressed.

We have workshops galore coming up – subscribe to our events- butacey so you don’t miss them. We do advertise – but spaces are limited and you don’t all see my facey posts so you might not see anything! Boo!

Our meeting room is available for you to use – just $5 a head – or $10 with cake and coffee. What a great deal! Free to stitch and bitch! My sewing machine is here ready.. waiting..

Ok! There’s more – that’s all I have today.

See you in store

T x