So the world is spinning very fast, and I’m missing heaps waiting on the shop NBN to be put on. Honestly, the customer service from the NBN contractors leaves a lot to be desired. Word is, it will be next Tuesday again. I won’t hold my breath! I’m missing so much each day – and it’s doing my head in. Also my farm is struggling.. what?! lol!


Have you seen all the changes in the store? It feels like we have something new happening every day. Today was Ruby hanging pictures off the picture rail! They look fab – if you are looking for black/red/white striking art – you better get in. Ruby has crazy low prices at the moment – get on that before she realises she’s super talented and her demand grows.

We also changed coffee beans today. The response has been mixed. Come have your say. I couldn’t try it – I might have hit max point about 11.. eek!

Our stockists are doing an amazing job stocking the store with awesome stuff. We have adults skirts, kids clothes, art work, kids toys, all sorts of bling, including baby chew necklaces… A few really mega cool demin bags #chortles.. Placemats, bibs, purses that fit your phone and lots of money (we all have that right?).. Ummm… lots. Steve has finally priced his Steam Punk lights – so if you were wanting one – you better grab them quick sticks. He’s been too busy building the store to get onto making any more right now, so they are in limited numbers. Two to be accurate!

Think of us for presents, gifts, splurges, fun times! Coffee and cake. Food is getting worked on – we should be upping the ante next week. I feel like it’s going so slow, then I remember it’s only been a few weeks. What’s that saying – the days are long, but the years are short? I’m living that now!

This is a week of firsts for the store! First workshop – first work meeting in the meeting room (just book – buy coffee and cake – we can fit about 8 easily), the first of many Twilight Markets. There are still spots available – I’ve wiped the stall site fee (you got lucky I had a tragic Underbelly incident this week, and I’m all needing loving, friendly faces around me) – just let me know, turn up around 4 to 4.30 (later if you need) and set up and sell. Bring fairy lights! And a smile. And all your friends. 

What! Workshops you say! YES! Tomorrow we are having a visual merchandising sesh at 2pm, and a crochet workshop at 5.45pm. You can join in – $25 for the merch one, $75 for the crochet one – 3 sessions, 1 tote bag, hook and wool provided. Check our facey events for more info. Also – sorry about them not appearing. The bloody lack of net has slowed me down. And my retail stamina is crap – I’ve been falling fast asleep as soon as I pat Miss M off to sleep at night. Sometimes before. Awkward much!

Now – if you are itching to do workshops – PLEASE come and book them in with me. I want that room full of interesting things happening. It’s a space just for you – and skill sharing! If you need ideas – we have LOTS in the store. Mags and pattern books everywhere.

The free book exchange is up and running – but needs YOU and more books. We are taking donations for North Queensland Animal Rescue as part of the swap.

We also have a huge range of crafting mags, patterns, old pattern books in the workshop space. Come, sit, read, get inspired! 

Speaking of books – the Cairns author section is HUGE and fun. I need someone to coordinate the book club – is that you? Help me to help you 😉

Speaking of things – the back office is for rent. Who wouldn’t want to live with us? Coffee, beats, air con, CBD, free parking. Let’s chat!

In the meantime Bree is doing reiki Tuesday and Thursday – JOIN US! 

The shop is coming along well – I’m learning more about coffee making every day, and it’s always full of interesting conversations and laughter. There has been some drama – but the lovely Barry from Jen’s shop cleared that out this morning. I feel lighter – and the shop seemed happier today.

If you are thinking about applying – now is the time. I’ll be checking over apps soon – and deciding what new lovelies we need in the shop. I don’t want to over fill it – and I don’t want to double up. I think it’s looking fabulous – but the rent bill is almost in, so I might need to get real yo!

NOW – THIS NEEDS A DRUMROLL! Nom’s have been rolling in hard and fast the for FNQ Handmade Industry Awards – and tickets are now on sale. Joey is a fucking genius who is working on this – with our GD Claire have whipped up an awesome plan to make this rock on with it’s wild self. Food, wine, beer, softdrink – fashion, showcasing, awesome entertainment.. HANDMADE LOVE! Get info here Get your ticket ASAP – we are limited in numbers. Also – I have mine, so wine, me, you, and awards. I’m there. Make me a dress?

And on that note – if we’ve seen you – thank you! If not – please pop in 🙂 Feedback is always welcome!

Peace out 

T x