So, it’s time to liven up the city centre.

BAM (1)

I’m thinking our carpark SCREAMS colourful stalls, suitcase rummaging, chatting, eating from the local food. Are you with me?

Now we kinda tried to swing something for last Friday – however it turns out I can’t make everything happen. Even with Super Siv’s help.. Getting our shop open was our win for the week.. and that was enough!

Also, I broke Dry July and the kids spilled 100’s and 1000’s everywhere anyway on Friday night. And we laughed. And laughed. And jooshed and jooshed. And laughed some more. And then I died the next day – from exhaustion and .. the after effects of the food I ate.. And that chardy – seriously Di! Chardy! Ewwk! (sorry – don’t defriend me – I just don’t like oaky chardy)! Ok. moving on. Nothing to see here. 

So, let’s do a do-over hey? We won’t try for this Friday – it’s Show Long Weekend – ain’t noone got time to play in a carpark on a public holiday. So let’s do the week after. July 24th.

Now, we don’t mind what you sell – as long as it’s legal CLEARLY! Roxanne (our Ian Turnbridge art piece – is the only one red lighting in the store.. ) You can choose a carpark or a suitcase. And if you have more than one suitcase – it gets cheaper to book that. 

The markets are FREE if you have stock in the store – it comes with your rent. How’s that for jazzy? 

Now if you are thinking of stocking us – here’s the info site. Everything you need to know and more. Apps are currently closed – but you can go on our waitlist. 

Watch our facey pages ( and for all the hot goss. With two weeks lead in I’m sure we will have something amazing to add to the zing. After all, we got the shop open in minutes 😉

Now – book your tickets here – or pop in. I’d prefer you popped in for a chat – it’s more fun when you see what we’ve done!

Peace out Sunday kids

T xx’

ps We added outside seating and the inside was finalised today.. woot!! And I totally fluffed around at home. It was DIVINE!!!!!

pps Our NBN is getting connected Tuesday afternoon. Pop in Wednesday to Netflix with me.

ppps The back office is up for grabs – short term only at this stage. Let’s chat if you want a CBD office with awesome coffee and the best musac in town!

pppps Have you booked your work meeting/workshop in with me yet? Don’t let that room go to waste!!!!

ppppps Umm I have nothing!!!!