Well kids, it’s been a week of trading. The shop is amazing. The coffee skills are amping up. I’m bringing back 80’s foam on your cheeeno, And I’m totes ok about it.

If you’ve been in – THANK YOU!!!!! Your support is appreciated. If you haven’t – where the bloody hell are you?

We are feeling blessed – very blessed! And tired – very tired! I’m totes wagging work today while Steve does the shop. He was there until really late last night too – he’s the bestest. We might be banning our kids though – MAN they are ‘busy with the fizzy’ in the shop… #sigh

Now – I hope you are all well! I hope you are thinking about workshops you want to hold – stalls for things you want to sell – ways you can spread the word about our cute little shop – full of local lovely businesses.

And now – I’m going to hug some minion loving kids! Get in and see us – 8 to 4 weekdays – open late Friday – 8 to 12 Saturday. Closed Sunday

T xxx

Don’t forget we are on facey (handmadecans and bonesnjones) and insta (handmadecans and bonesnjones) and on twitter… and LIVE in store! You can buy off our pages – we totally take paypal. 😉 There is no excuse not to buy local, and support someone you know xx