So, we are open. The coffee is flowing. We are all learning this new machine and the beans.. and the milk thing. It’s fabulous.

We have a range of muffins and cakes and drinks 🙂 We are sourcing some food for lunches – got any ideas? 

Now, I only have about 2 minutes to do this post – so THANK YOU to everyone who has popped in, done some time in here, dropped in stock, cheered, supported us, and generally been awesome. If you haven’t been in – our hours are 7am to 4pm, every weekday, 8am to 12pm Saturdays. We are also open LATE Friday’s for Twilight Markets – if you want a spot please find Izbits World and hit her up! She is coordinating the markets. We DEF need people for Friday night’s markets – THIS WEEK! Don’t delay!

Applications for Handmade Cans are now closed – you can still apply, but you will go on the waiting list until there is room in the shop. We are not over doing this shop – it’s going to be boutique, funky, fun and with room. Also – take the time to read and have a go at the questions on the app. I’ll do up a FAQ section, however, my brain is full of shop starting stuff so questions like ‘how much are the fees?’ are just annoying! It’s all there!

I’ll do a stockist list when my head stops spinning. If you are curious as to the high standard we are expecting – and the stock we are holding, pop in!!! Have a look! We are working on pulling together a series of business building workshops for you to attend so you can build your confidence up.

That’s it!

Lots of frazzled, excited, jazz hands love

T xx