Well, we are looking good to go for Monday. Everything is coming along nicely.

I’ve just popped out and grabbed some things – you know, like hot chocoate, chai.. orange juice. Valium. Tequila. Chocolate sprinkle stuff. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Tall Story Designs coffee art thingy’s. They are great! I’ll be arting up a storm!

Steve has done an amazing job getting the shop fittings built. He’s a machine – and a huge thank you needs to go to Sam Marino from Beacon Lighting near Spotlight for all the pallets! It’s made putting it all together a much easier gig.

Also – our sparky, who cannot not be named because he a spy, was AMAZING today!! Took the stress right out of my face. And what legs!

Stock is starting to arrive – which is super exciting. The space is looking ready to go, and ready to fill.

The coffee smell ooozes through the space.. which is yummy!

I think that’s all my brain has space for.

See you Monday!

T x