Here’s the drum.

bjskulls (1)

is our new cafe in the city. Opening Monday – 6th of July at 7am

(all things going well).

We are playing in the Urban Spaces Program hosted by the Cairns Regional Council.


It’s located at 1/47 Shields Street right in the city. It has off street parking, so don’t be a stranger.

Where’s that? Between Cairns Central and Sheridan Street- the yellow minion scooters hire from in the complex!!

Inside this glorious new space will be Handmade Cans, a workshop room, seating for the cafe, hip/groovy music (or Matchbox 20) and soon wifi (nbn speeds! – free with any $10 purchase).


You can hit us on a Friday night after work for twilight tradingmarket stalls, treats, local food from yummy food spaces near by and sitting with us and enjoying a chat. The coffee machine will be on late too- if that’s your thang. Word is our neighbour wants to do a Saturday morning market thingy too! Bloody brilliant!

You can hit us up if you need some short term workspace – we have a groovy office sitting there just for you!! Your rent will include discount coffee!

We are working for the next 4 days setting up. Pop in if you love window cleaning, mopping, merchandising, cheer leading!! I’ll take what you have! 

If you still want in – check our website for all the info. 

We are also DESPERATELY in need of interns – people looking for experience in events and workshop coordination!

I have a fab GD working with us –  Claire Waddell. Totally hit me up if you need her deets to do some work for you!! 

And that’s it.

Love you all loads

Tell everyone and share this please! Seems word isn’t getting far enough we are hot to trot in our new space!

Peace out

T x