I cannot tell how bizarre I am feeling. This time last year I was waiting impatiently to take over the shop. This year I’m impatiently waiting to start another new journey – with the amazing Handmade Cans and a coffee shop. Starting anew. A whole new fresh start. A new look. A new concept. One more step towards the social enterprise dream I have. (That’s another story, for another day!) I totally need a tattoo… I wonder if anyone will swap good coffee for ink? *hint hint*

Now, I’m not going to lie. I’ve always wanted a coffee shop. I know it’s hard work. I know it’s long hours. But it’s always been something Steve and I have talked about. This, however, has swung in quickly, and I’m swinging between excitement and a total fucking freak out!!! Mostly, right now, it’s totally fucking freak out. TOTAL!!!!!

I can’t wait to get the shop set up. To pop the ’til in and hear it’s cute beeping! To set up the eftpos and write our menu up on the wall! To pop our hours on the door. To hang our signs near the footpath. To hear the door slamming with people rushing in and out. And the glee as they buy handmade, and gasp at the gorgeous stock. Steve has done the most amazing job on the build. You will love it.

We’ve got the best people coming with us. They are not only amazing creatives, but wonderful people. They deserve your support. They are putting in long hours to make their little businesses rock. And we’ve chosen carefully. I can’t wait to play with their stock – merch it out. Make it shiny pretty and let you see it…. OMG Exciting!

AND the workshops! Mrs Jones and Lost Threads already have crochet series getting locked in. I’m naturally gifted at crochet, so I might cheer from the sidelines! If you do workshops – let’s chat. And you can pop in any morning after 9 for a little stitch and bitch session. Grab a cuppa, we can craft. Or you can craft, I’ll give wise support and guidance. Unless it’s jeans bags – I’ve got your back on that 😉 I also made jeans bunting. It will be a new thing. Get on it!

So now it’s all go to get everything into the now. To make it happen. To get the til singing, and our bills pinging (away)!!!!!!

Are you with me? Send whooshing love. And tell everyone to pop in. We have parking – text me on 0432 340 349 and I’ll have it waiting for you – after Monday of course! Siv will even run it to the car on Monday and Friday – and she will totally smile and EVERYTHING!

Got any business tips? I’m listening! Got some spare time – I’m in need! And please, please, please! Come drink our coffee, buy our handmade, tell your friends. Tell me if you have feedback.

Ok, I’m also thinking about doing dry July. Wanna sponsor me? I love my wine – this could be a big give up for me. I’ve got the wine Karen from Crystaleyes in the freezer – just in case I do go with this new plan – I’ll need to quantity up now!!!!!!

And I’m so stressed I’m eating beetroot dip with sour cream and chives chip things. I promise someone will choose our food in a better state of mind. Though, this is a-ok!

Peace out. I have to do dinner. Or pace. Or both. Or… crappidy!!!