Hello again

So I’ve just excitedly sent out some emails to stockists who have already applied to let them know they are in. Truely – you will love the range! The shop is going to look amazeballs – and have something for everyone!

Now – we need handbags. Anyone? And some new faces please! Just think – the rent might be putting you off – but hold a workshop or two and you are back in the black! And you will have met new people! And shared your love of crafts. Exclusives only means to other stores too – not your market stalls.

I also need a fridge.. anyone got a spare one? We have a bar fridge – but I’m expecting to get so busy with coffee I’ll need more space for milk! Oh and nibbles! And anything else I might need… Dishwasher? Umm… Chocolate sprinkle thing… Tips on starting a cafe!

I think that’s it. I’m trying to be super speedy today!

T x