Yes. News.

Things are now locked and loaded. I could not be more excited!

I feel like I should thank God, my family, everyone who got me here. And share my biggest wish was for world peace. Or a faster metabolism…

However – let’s get on with it.

The POP UP Space is booked for July. Yes. JULY! I hope you have your skates on!

We are still requiring stockists. If you are nervous – why not chuck in for an application over a week and see how things go.

We are theming the weeks – so you better get your thinking caps on – and get your marketing planned! Also, get out your diary and mark everything in. This will be gold.

Week 1 – FASHION – got a workshop around fashion you want to do? We will do a mini fashion parade – want to model or get your gear show cased?

Week 2 – KIDS – I think we do a teddy bear picnic in store! Kids workshops. Some fun. Showcasing kids stuff.

Week 3 – DECOR – let’s merch the shop out. Bring in and showcase your best decor items and trends. Get Cairns on trend.

Week 4 – WEDDING – we are totally going to try and pull off a mock wedding. Wedding workshops. Wedding fun. Why stress on post when you can get it all here? Locally?

If you are looking to coordinate something – let me know. You will get full support and cheers!

Now – in case you missed it – we are moving into 47 Shields Street. Right in the heart of the city. Easy, free off street parking. Friday night twilight markets (apps will be open for this soon). Quiet workshop space. We are hooking up wifi. It will be sweet. Coffee and sweet treats. Pop in on your way to work. Say hi and meet your friends. Watch us grow. 

I will be sending invoices soon. Cash flow is a URGENT need to get this all going. If you won’t be ready next week – I get that. Pay up, and your rent will cover from when you get in for the next four weeks. Easy peasy. But don’t miss your theme week! That would be madness.

Anyhoo – any questions. Get in touch.

Peace out

T x