Looking for the application forms? Got someone you want to see when you shop until you drop with us?

Well it’s here http://bonesandjones.weebly.com/handmade-cans.html!

And here

Bones and Jones Application Form Bones and Jones POP UP Application

Do your best to fill it all in – have a play with your business idea and concept. JUST GET IT IN! Don’t miss this. 

Fees are set according to the rent we need to pay – and for commission around gst and eft fees.

All up – your brand will boom when you come and play!


Now, there is a whisper the pop up might extend past the 4 weeks… and people playing in the pop up will get discounted access and first priority to this extra time. Imagine that. What a great opp.

Our venue is still getting locked in, however I can tell you our first preference has:

Huge foot traffic 

Car Parking


Space for workshops


Space for twilight markets

all in the CBD!

And our store set up will be fully recycled, upcycled, industrial glam! With touches of quirk.


Time is ticking!


Also – the handmade business register is coming along nicely. Who have I missed?

Peace out