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So you thought you could just chill this Sunday, didn’t you? Well, here’s a heads up!

I need your help. Yes you. Well, Andrew and YOU! Isn’t he a cutie? 


Applications are flooding in, and I’m super excited. I’m hearing talk of collaborations, and new projects. However, I want more. Steak knives, and new lines! Things you rush in to buy. 

apply here

The applications for our pop ups can be downloaded here http://bonesandjones.weebly.com/handmade-cans.html

Applications CLOSE on Wednesday!! 

So here is your task!

Find your favourite handmade creatives – and ask them to apply. I’m clearly prioritising Cairns region creatives – since I really want workshops and events, however, I’ll look Queensland wide.

Send them to our blog to read up – (so here https://handmadecans.wordpress.com/) and then to our webpage http://bonesandjones.weebly.com/ and gee them into applying.

Our shop will have room for bigger items, hanging space for art, less stockists so more display space and creativity – HUGE windows to do displays in..

LOTS of potential! And lots of foot traffic!! Also 80’s foam coffee will be making a comeback!!! And hyper colour I hope – Jenny you have to share!!! Hyper colour undies were the best 😉 #naughty

Remember – everyone can play in the events/workshops have making a buzz! I’m available Mon, Tue and Thur to chat about your ideas!

We will also be looking for Twilight Market stallholders too!! 

Also, if you didn’t join us yesterday, you missed a great little training session. We will narrow them down to specific platforms in the future, but it was lovely to see creative connections, sharing ideas and experiences, and supporting each other. And the venue was super tough to hang in – sunset on the Espy. #sigh!!

Also – Bones and Jones just hit insty – give us a follow at bonesnjones.. please!!!

I had a list of other things, but my time is up and I can hear the kids barrelling in. Lucky you!! Well played.

Peace out kids

T xxx