If you haven’t heard we are working on the #FNQHandmadeindustryawards.

We are on the lookout for:

Sponsors – ranging from $100 to $1000. This is a HUGE opportunity to boost your brand in an emerging creative network in Cairns. We will promote you endlessly during the event, in the lead up, and depending on your level of sponsorship, we will work with you on having a stall, promotions, blogs, holding workshops and attending the training we are offering the finalists to work on their business, not just in them.

Judges – if you feel you have what it takes to look at high quality items, see who’s leading the pack, giving constructive feedback to entrants, get in touch. You will be required at the dinner to celebrate at the end with us – so get thinking on your outfit! 

Fashion forward creatives in the region – designers, hair salons, make up artists, boutiques please get in touch with us now with deals for attendees at the awards night! For a small fee we will add you to our website and share your deal to the over 200 attendees and our extensive networks! Just another way we can help #lovinglocals in the region!

Table decor – tables wil be scattered around the room and they are prime real estate to promote your handmade range! Priority will be given to sponsors and finalists, however, this will be open to everyone! If you are amazing, have something to showcase and sell, let’s chat!

Workshops and events – in the lead up to this fantastic event we will be looking to hold a events and workshops to build your profile and let the judges (and public) see what you have to offer! Get your thinking cap on, and let’s chat about what you can do to build the handmade scene in Cairns.

Jo from www.facebook.com/theaustralianhandmadeblogSF is coordinating this great event. So touch base with her NOW and get chatting about what magic we can make happen in the region over the next few months!!

The awards will be in October.

We are looking at training at www.facebook.com/crossfitcoralsea to get super hot for the event. If you are keen – let us know.

That’s it for now.

More deets as they come to hand.. 


T xx