Well hello there!

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A few things –

FNQ Handmade Industry Awards are launching in the region this year. We are super excited – and looking for sponsors, a great venue, and judges. If you want to get on board – let us know!


Bones and Jones – the new concept store combining coffee and Handmade Cans is coming along nicely. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/amping-the-can/x/11002563#/story is where you can support us. And get a great deal on coffee!


Handmade Cans applications for the pop up will be up this Wednesday! You can start preparing now – we are going to be asking about your stock – so get pics, your social media profile – so get one, your marketing plan – so make one, your business goals – so think on them, and your display ideas – so start them happening! Bones and Jones theming will be crates, pallets, wood, white, pops of colour, spacious. 

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Our website is live with items for sale on there! http://bonesandjones.weebly.com/ It’s still in tester mode – so stockists – if you want to list it’s commission only sales! Just shoot through a pic, description, postage price.. and some handmade love.

Pricing – Siv from Izbits World found this fabulous pricing_logocalculator http://inkandspindle.blogspot.com.au/2011/09/formula-how-to-price-your-wares.html

And I found this article! http://inkandspindle.blogspot.com.au/2011/09/formula-how-to-price-your-wares.html.

A new start means a new sales strategy! Get on yours!

Peace out