Ok, it’s hugely busy behind the scenes. I’m wrapping up the accounts, struggling with the flu and a little teeny bit of fear, and a little overwhelm, and all that jazz. And feeling the buzz that will lead to impatience, to the burn to get this all going again!

I’m also trying to unwind – when we POP it’s going to be NON STOP for WEEKS, MONTHS maybe YEARS! 

We are all on somesort of journey aren’t we? So, please, take some time to smile and be gentle with people! I know I’ve been surprised how lovely people have been to me, and I’m astoundingly grateful!

Mr HC has been sick too, but almost emptied the store last night before his early morning flight to Brisbane for work awards. I’m so nervous tonight – I’m so proud of him! So we will just finish that up. And then breathe. And then .. #exciting

I’m also working on our website. And we are working on the new logo. And the facebook page – hit us here www.facebook.com/BonesnJones and like us. It’s empty now – it will fill up as things start getting facey official!

Also – https://www.facebook.com/theaustralianhandmadeblogSF is brainstorming around a Handmade Industry Awards for FNQ. We will need helpers, prizes, trophies.. and of course nominations and you all to join us for dinner and drinkies. I think we are thinking around October, which is right around my bday 😉 Watch.this.space.

Anyway – it’s all happening. If you have ideas, helpful hints, things you can help with, pretty please let me know! I’d appreciate anything you have to offer! 


Image credits: http://www.ucf.edu/pegasus/changing-pace/, http://thedaisychaingroup.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/from-Woe-to-Go-image.jpg