Ok, so the doors are closed. Steve is sick and doing loads of furniture and displays to our garage. The fat lady has sung, so to speak.

I can’t thank everyone enough for all the excitment and help in the move. It’s been a thrill, and so easy!! Phew!

So now, the real work begins. I’ve started this.We need your help. We need it to drop the fees for the creatives! To make this dream live a little. To shine! Give us a hand up!!

We are only asking for help to buy a coffee machine and fund some of the new rental fees. They are still steep in the CBD, despite it all being very quiet.

Our choice of venue is cool. It has parking. Room. Polished concrete flooring. Big windows. Space. A library/workshop room. And it would be all ours!!


To workshop, twilight market, learn, drink coffee, park, play and have some fun.

So, it’s out there. Chuck in if you can. We’d love to have you play with us!!!


I think you’ll like the perks!!!

T xx

ps I’m also super stoked to have been able to use MB20 lyrics in this post. It’s a touch of genius. #feelingsuper