Wait, we aren’t selling real estate!

I thought I’d share a few hot tips for marketing your small creative business – after a year of seeing people come and go through the store!

* Sort your logo and branding – and run with it! Have cards – give them out. Share your information.

* Get online – take photo’s! Tell your story. People are buying off you – and they want a snap shot of you and your quirks! Share a little!

* Get to markets and shows – either with a stall or to see what else is happening in town! So many new ideas, so much inspo. Keep your energy fresh. Keep your ideas flowing.

* Change your lines up! It’s ok to try new things. To freshen and edit! If it doesn’t work – give it the flick!

* Treat your customers right – give them your love. Respond when they ask questions. Ask them for feedback then follow it!

* Get involved and get out there! Mums on the Go is a fantastic network to join. Friendly, cost effective, fun. https://www.facebook.com/groups/636131786442668/?fref=ts And I love to brainstorm with other Mum’s!!!

* Get your stuff professionally photographed. We are working with Suse at www.facebook.com/MicroArtPhotographyDesign on photo’s right now. Cairns is a lush photographers heaven! Get on facey and find someone to take snapshots of your work. Think outside the box! Get a hot mate to model for you – or if you are hot – model your own!! Go funky – go out there. Use those photo’s on facey and instagram.

spoken 1

These shots were taken by https://www.facebook.com/Blueclickphotography. See – a good photo makes you DROOL!

* Figure out where you should be marketing. Sometimes facey works, sometimes insty works. Find your niche. Get a following. Drool over other people’s work. It’s food for the soul.

All things going well – in our new home we can set times for you all to drop in, learn new skills, hang out, share info, knowledge, ideas, feedback, and support each other.

If you think that sounds awesome – help us grow by donating here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/amping-the-can/x/11002563. 

Peace out