Well good afternoon, you look fabulous this afternoon.

First off, I’m a Netflix addict. Phew, that feels better. I’m just putting it out there. I’m getting the watching in while I can – this #popup gig won’t leave me time to do anything! #icantwait

Now, we have no real #urbanspaces news. We’ve had a few options, we haven’t fallen in love with them, so we are still on the lookout.

JUST KIDDING! I think I’ve found the place – it’s all still in progress!

Steve has starting building the pallet furniture.. and it’s SUPER EXCITING!


So, this last bit is to our stockist. Turn away now if you aren’t one šŸ˜‰

Canners = we are going to have more space. You need to be stocking up, crafting up, and getting your displays and pricing right. You are also going to need to brush up on your marketing – we are going to need a BOOM in the new spot.


Ok – turn back!

That’s all

Peace out

T x