Well, the ball is rolling!

We are now scouting for interns.  You heard me. HC is now a training ground. Drop and give me 20!

We need:

Interior design – someone looking to practice what they are learning. We have a POP up to set up!!!!

Social media/marketing – to work the social media realms and make the pop up BUZZ! (We have an ad on gumtree and already have had 3 interested – 1 locked in. Giddyup!)

Events – events, events, events!

Now, you will need to have some studies behind you and be willing to commit at least 10 hours a week for 6 weeks over the pop up.

We offer – support, training, induction, a free shirt, hugs, cheers and a reference. Photo’s and social media plugs. We can also assist around assessments where appropriate!

You offer – your time and professionalism! And ideas! And energy!

If this sounds interesting, I’m working on a possie description and you can get selling yourself up!


T x