So, if we’ve met you know I am all over the shop! I LOVE to be busy. And I LOVE my down time. These two don’t always work well together. Add in family, friends, housework, paperwork and things can get messy.

Here are some of the things I am trying to work into my life – to establish some balance. (I’m a Libran – I need balance – don’t ask me to make decisions!)

1. Say YES to alone time. An hour a day. Doing something for you. I personally get a kick out the red arrow. An hour or so of my music, sweating, heart pumping, quick hellos, smiles. I hate/love it. It’s my zen. Some days it’s not – so I rest and read and do something just shushy.

2. Say NO to things! You really don’t have to be everywhere! I know. Shocking truth. I have a friend who has said NO to meetings that she doesn’t really need to be at. Liberating? Hell yes! And her time is now hers – and her families. And the world has kept turning.

3. Set some goals. Short, mid and long term. Tick those goals off. Cheer! Rewrite some of them when they don’t fit anymore! Do it.

4. Make lists!! Sometimes I make lists and put things on I’ve already done. Then I cross them out and think I’m awesome!!!

5. Make date time with your partner. This is my current struggle. Little kids, no babysitter really. Alone time is tough. Got any tips? I’ll take them!

6. Get your friend time in. This is, for me, a priority of late! I need my friends to keep me real. And they do. God bless their cotton socks!!

6. When you do have to say yes, book extra time where you can between things so you don’t have to rush. This tip is a biggie. Don’t back to back – that stress will kill you slowly.

7. Turn your crappy online life off at 9pm. The end. Then read or meditate. Do it. You won’t miss a thing.

8. The most important – be creative!!! Be passionate! Be you!!

Go well


T x