So the budget is out, and there wasn’t a lot of excitment to ease the daily cost of living for families. Here’s one summary – you can google more. I’ve been watching ABC all morning.. just to get my head around it all.

Certainly, I’m not going to ignore the changes to child care funding and how they might ease some of the pain (not for stay at home Mum’s – you are on your own if your partner earns more than 65 grand.) but not for a few more years yet. And jobs aren’t appearing – believe you – me I’m looking too!

So, it’s time to work a way to make money from home. Around your family. Around your personal freedom.

Is it easy? I don’t think so! I’m looking into this too. So, let’s learn together.

I guess the first thing to ponder is what you can ‘sell’ to make money. What can you do? What are your skills?

Moving on, what do you need to ‘sell’ this skill? Do you have all those things? Time is a HUGE commodity – and tough with little ones.

Then, how to price your saleable skill. This one is tough. I posted yesterday about pricing handmade items. Getting money for your time is ESSENTIAL. You, sister, do not come cheap.

Next, who would you want to target to buy your sell?

This post will continue – but I have a sick Miss M at home – and she wants cuddles. This is why I do what I do! I am home, cuddling my sickie. Yay!

There is so much information out there – and so many of you already on this road. I kind of am – but my ‘sell’ is selling other people’s sell right now.. and while I love it, the profit margins are too slim to survive!

Got any great sites with info? Or tips? Please share!!!!

Peace out