Good morning

Handmade Cans is a busy little store. We are full to the brim, and regularly say no to people wanting to stock the store.

Why? Well, there’s a few reasons.

a. We don’t double up on stock. If someone is already stocking it – we honour that!

b. You don’t look ready. Handmade Cans might be small, but keeping the doors open is expensive. You need to not only be able to pay rent, but contribute commission towards the store. If your goods don’t sell, it costs us money to have you here!

c. Your branding isn’t sorted. Here’s a great read Branding helps you stand out from the crowd, and believe me, the shop is a crowd. Branding doesn’t need to be expensive – it does need to be clever.

d. Your displays need work, or you haven’t really thought about it. We really recommend you do a few markets before you hit up a retail store to sell your products. That gives you a chance to really think about how to display, sell and market your items. It also makes you think about how to make small spaces work for you, and your sales. It’s not all behind the scenes with selling!

Here’s a good market checklist

Markets also make you appreciate what a GEM findng a retail space is for you – it takes all the hard work out of it FOR YOU!

e. You don’t have your facebook/insty account booming. Social media is the cheapest, easiest way to connect with people right now. We LOVE using it, and finding new people to pop to the store.

Here’s some things NOT to do!

Here’s some more tips

We do also regularly say yes to people! So getting your stock in isn’t an unachieveable goal.

We say YES when:

* Your stock is unique! And well made.

* Your branding is well thought out!

* You’ve decided on your market and you have researched, asked, tested and trialed your product so it meets what they actually want.

* Your pricing is great and you offer quality.

* Your display makes us gasp!

* You look ready to contribute to the shop! Handmade Cans is a journey. You need to be able to regularly pop in, talk about us online, tell your friends, and have enough stock!

As you all know, things are happening behind the scenes, and we could be calling for new stockists soon. If this is you – have a read and get busy with the fizzy!

Please share this around if you found it useful! And add your own comments below..

Peace out

T x