Hi there

Today we honour the past, and with that, I’m totally looking forward.

First things first – we are working on a Handmade with love – in Cairns WEDDING expo. Yep, we reckon we have your (next) wedding covered, and we want to show you! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1615769835304826/ is the chat group (catchy name, I should totally fix that) If you are getting married or make stuff we should know about – hit us. I can’t wait to get frocked up and wedding on!!

The Book Club dates will get announced soo soon. I keep hoping for a few more books to arrive – however, this week, in between everything else, I might book the club sessions in so we can kick off. What do you think?

In case you’ve not picked up the vibe… HC is at a crossroads, and they are exciting.

There are a few options right now. I won’t say these are the only ones, new things are appearing each day.

1. We have a stockist/system shake up, finish the shop joosh, and get our funk on! This will make shopping new and exciting, and keep everyone engaged.

2. We are looking at partnering in an application for the Urban Spaces Project through Council. Everyone is welcome to come and play – and I’d really encourage you to be brave, step up, and express your interest. If we are successful, we will ‘pop up’ somewhere in town, with 4 to 6 weeks of fun, events, workshops and general craziness. I.can’t.wait.

3. Also in production is a bigger project – and it’s gaining momentum. It’s all about people, communication, safe spaces, job training, skill sharing and employment pathways. And yesterday (insert excited giggle) we found a venue. Now, the work really begins. We need to nut out figures, funding applications, support letters, and break the big plans into little steps. I’m not going to lie – I have a great feeling about this. So much potential. Here’s an invite – and the facebook group info:

Hi Everyone,

A new and exciting business venture is about to be launched in the Cairns CBD.

‘The Steamship’ a social enterprise is aiming to base its operation out of the heritage listed Adelaide Steamship Company building in Spence street a prime location in the Cairns CBD central to the Cairns business district.

The business model will involve a number of business initiatives under the same roof including:

Handmade Cans a retail outlet for local handmade goods is already operating and trading in Cairns and is looking to expand its operation.

A skill share training and support hub to be known as ‘The women’s Wheel’ aimed at women wanting to get back into the workforce and willing to learn from already established artisans in the Cairns region in meeting the ever growing demand in local products replacing commercial souvenirs.

And finally a café/barista training hub open to everyone with a passion for creating the best cup of coffee in cairns.

This will be a shared space with ethical business practice forming the basis of its operation.

For those of you with a genuine interest in growing this business venture you are welcomed to attend a meeting to be held at:

The Electorate Office of Member for Cairns Rob Pyne 40 -50 Spence Street.
10.30 am
Saturday 2nd of May

Please share!!


Now, if that doesn’t all curl your toes, I don’t know what will!

I’m really needing this challenge.

Peace, and send good wishes

T x