This week started really tough. Really rough. And I almost threw this whole shebang in. Small business is tough. And sometimes people are asshats.

However, you know what? Handmade Cans is part of an amazing community, of really awesome people.

After I posted my brain explosion, I got message after message of support. And yesterday the shop was overflowing with people just checking in with me, to give me hugs, and cheer me on. And lots of emails and texts. And even people in who hadn’t realised I was feeling a bit rough, they just wanted to pop in and say hi.

They were drawn into the HC energy.

And then Siv (Izbitsworld) and Lucy (Mama Bare) spent hours tidying, and moving the shop around, to give it some new, fresh energy. Now, what’s more amazing about this, is both of them are due to fly out really soon for holidays – so while they could have been packing and planning at their homes, with their familes, they were in the shop sweating, and dropping heavy things on their toes. In the wee late hours of the night..

Seriously. How blessed am I?

And on top of all this, some really awesome conversations happened yesterday about pop up spaces, promoting handmade businesses to the wedding scene in Cairns – especially with the launch of Dapper Jones imminent. And Gerlinda ( popped in and grabbed some bling and merch for a bit of a plug in a fashion shoot..

I really do need a PA though. The Make Over plan has dropped a little with everything else happening… And this pop up planning will trump everything else over the next few weeks – so we meet that deadline.

Today I might potter and contemplate my incredible luck. And do some mud maps and lists.. and maybe sew. OH and bond with my bratlings.

So, this my friends, is a thank you post. 

I’m sure the business will continue to stress me out. Especially until I find a way to make it pay my bills at home. But the plus side is this week has already shown me why it is totally worth it. And I’ve met some incredible people. And the shop now looks fabulous.


T xxx