Hi there

I’m so sorry for being so quiet! I’m not quiet in real life – believe you me.

The Women’s Wheel plan is in full swing, and we head off to Council shortly for a meeting to chat about pop up opportunities, and spaces that might be available – after we figure out if the idea has legs. I’m feeling really confident about it. If you are interested in what I’m talking about check us out here https://www.facebook.com/groups/womenswheel/. I’ll upload the latest doc soon – I’m just editing it.

Now – the shop. Let’s talk excitment. This week has been the best sales week in ages. We might almost pay the rent, which is a huge relief. Please – pop in and support us if you want us to stay open!

And why should you? Well – we have new record clocks, bling galore, the cutest handsewn animals, funky clothes, kids wear… and atmosphere!!!!

And all supporting locals!!!

What more could you ask! Word is, we will be featured in this week’s Cairns Sun, so get looking!

Ok! Better go work!

T xxx