As usual things are moving fast in the Can!

Sewn by Toffee has been in and restocked. We now have a lovely range of tea skirts and two gypsy skirts in store. If you haven’t had a look, you need to. They scream wine and laughter with friends at the beach.


Gorgeous Gentleman Gilles is really upping the ante with resin rings and bling – this new line is flying out the door. I’m a huge fan – and have been touching them like mad!! I’m totally also jelly that Siv and Heath just rock everything they decide to do!!! Go TEAM GG!!


Priscilla from Monsta’s has just restocked and jooshed her stock. You really need to grab some of her funky art.


Now – this post could go on and on. You need to come in and see!

If you are into social/community stuff – here’s a heads up! We are having a catch up here on Saturday at 2pm to chat about an enterpirse/opprunity hub idea. You can jump on board. It will be a fun ride!

The shop is busy! Got to go!

T xx