Time for a quick update. Nick Dalton from the Cairns Post gave me a call today. Here’s hoping he’s going to support the call to arms and encourage people to be conscious consumers and buy local! The photo shoot was fun – we got Siv from Izbits World, Kristy from the Monkey and Kylie from Trolley Studio in on the action. And Baby G, but he totally slept through it.

The shop is overflowing AGAIN with awesome new stock. I posted pics today – check our newsfeed out. I also held the newest Tall Story Design family member – she was baby cuteness and my ovaries exploded! And there are new stockists! And I totes didn’t post that Tropical Totes filled her stock up – and she did. Lisa is the bomb!

We totally rocked out at Roller Derby on Saturday night. I’m totes keen to learn to skate again and go play. Are you with me? If not, I’m going to all the next games to yell and stuff. IT WAS AWESOME!

Ok! Peace out kids! It’s been a huge weekend.. and it will be a huge SHORT week!

We are open Easter Saturday – with guest appearances from Melissa and Neil! Boogy on!