Dear Cairns

You are lucky enough to have some amazing small businesses in your region. They are vibrant, quality, affordable – and struggling. And they need to you think every time you make a purchase – can we buy this locally and support a neighbour?

Small business hires, supports and provides valuable services to our community. It provides opportunities, and friendly customer service – and best of all – it supports someone you know and love to keep working where they love to work, providing an income to their family.

We understand everyone is doing it tough. And that things are tight. Unemployment figures are sky high and things feel very in flux.

Even a $5 spend might keep doors open and keep the spirits high in your local store.

For example – you could choose to buy your petrol from a local supplier Stratty Petrol – who still pumps your fuel for you and fills your windscreen wiper fluid up, or cakes from the Love Leigh’s Cakes, or your coffee from one of the MANY AMAZING friendly café’s in town – providing coffee, service and somewhere to hang out. Or support local artists through purchases at my store, Handmade Cans, with over 75 locals supplying the shop with amazing handmade items. Way better than chain store items for gifts, kids clothes, jewellery, artwork, local books/authors works, paintings, unique home ware items.

This is also a call out to our newly elected State Members. You have been given our vote – and our trust. Now is your time to step up and promote our region – and our businesses to keep Cairns bustling! You can do this. We believe in you. Get some funding and projects happening. Get some jobs happening. Get some feeling that Far North Queensland is worth something to our great state of Queensland – and that we aren’t forgotten.

Please – consider using your media influence to power up our local economy and keep our doors open!

Thank you in advance

Tanya Brooks-Cooper – Handmade Cans – 0432 340 349