Hello and good morning!

My brain is exploding with ideas, and after a meeting with Jo and chatting with Kristy yesterday, I have even more to work on!

Two things-


If you are a local business and you need advertising – let’s chat! Perhaps we can swap mentions? Share info? Get a referral deal in place?

Or are you looking to build a social media presence? I can help with that! And run your page – I’ve been doing it for some big names in town for years now. Low cost, little effort from you, maximum results.

ALSO –space

What about space in the city? We are contemplating sharing our space! Perhaps you are a florist, looking to start out and don’t want huge expenses? (This one was Kristy’s suggestion –  and quite frankly, I can see us shrinking our stock, having a cool pallet shop front, and gorgeous smells!!) Or.. need funky office space because you are into marketing and need ready access to people?  Let’s chat!

Tell everyone!

T x